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Electro Acupuncture DeviceXYD-II



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    Electroacupuncture therapy device is an apparatus which can generate all types of pulses. The pulse generated by the apparatus can be input to the meridian at each part of human body by acupuncture treatment to generate the stimulation, which can substitute the stimulation of artificial mechanical oscillation generated by constant needle manipulation with hands. It integrates the modern microcomputer technology and the traditional Chinese medicine science of acupuncture &moxibustion and science of meridian to enhance the acupoint stimulation of human body and to expand the acupuncture treatment scope and function.


    In the electroacupuncture, low-frequency pulse electrical stimulation is added on the basis of traditional acupuncture &moxibustion. Upon Qi acquisition by acupuncture, it can bring the effects of meridian unblocking, Yin-Yang regulation, strengthening healthy Qi to eliminate pathogens, relieving pain and alleviating convulsion, eliminating inflammation and swelling and enhancing the disease resistance.

    Product parameter

    Model XYD-II
    Power supply 220V
    Input power 8VA
    Output waveform Continuous wave, discontinuous wave, dilatational wave
    Frequency of continuous wave 0.8Hz-100Hz adjustable
    Pulse width 0.5ms±0.1ms
    Cycle 6s
    Pulse intensity Load impedance 250Ω, 0-18Vpp, enhancement output intensity 0-20Vpp;
    load impedance 500Ω, 0-38Vpp, enhancement output intensity 0-44Vpp
    Output channel 4 channels
    Treatment time 10min, 15 min, 20min, 25 min, 30min, 40min, 50min, 60min

    Product feature

    a) Four-way output or two-way enhanced output;

    b) Adjustable in three waveforms;

    c) Electrical excitation and body surface acupoint electrical stimulation therapy;

    d) Self-protection function;

    e) Six output lines with pin.

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