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Lower Limb Training Device

Lower Limb Training Device

(Summary description)

Lower Limb Training Device

(Summary description)


In clinical practice, due to fractures and other problems, long-term bed immobilization is required, which can easily lead to complications such as joint adhesions, muscle atrophy, and thrombosis. Active and passive training can help improve blood circulation, prevent joint stiffness, maintain and improve range of motion, relieve pain, strengthen muscles, prevent complications, and promote the recovery of lower limb function. The lower limb training device has two training modes, active and passive, which is suitable for patients with different functional problems.



1. Scope of work

- Knee flexion from 0 ° to 110 °

- Ankle dorsal extension 20° to plantar flexion -40°

- Hip joint, lying flat, in the range of 15 ° to 70 ° depending on the average length of the lower limbs. Semi-sitting, the angle of flexion is proportional to the angle of the patient's body.

2. Speed of Flexion and extension

(Based on average length of lower limbs) A minimum of 0.8°/S and a maximum of 3.5°/S. It is evenly divided into 1-10 gears.

3. Load

Up to 40 kg, divided into 1-30 gears, this function is used to adjust the thrust of the lower limb during flexion, so that the brace can flip when it encounters resistance greater than the set value.

4. Working hours

The recovery time can be set to 5 minutes to 60 minutes, and it will automatically stop when the time is up. The display counts down.


Scope of application

It is suitable for rehabilitation, neurosurgery, orthopedics, etc.

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