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Balance Training and Evaluation System

Balance Training and Evaluation System

(Summary description)

Balance Training and Evaluation System

(Summary description)


Balance refers to the ability to maintain the stability of body posture to the maximum extent in any position, and to self-adjust and maintain stability when disturbed by the outside world. The maintenance of human balance is the embodiment of the complete function of nervous system, musculoskeletal system and other systems, so the process of maintaining balance is a set of intricate procedures.


Types of Balance

  1. Static balance: the process of maintaining self-stability when the patient's eyes are open or closed without external force;
  2. Homeostasis: the patient adjusts from one posture to another without external force, maintaining a stable state of the body during the whole process;
  3. Other people's dynamic balance: when the body's center of gravity changes under the action of external forces, it quickly adjusts its center of gravity and posture to maintain body stability.

Our Balance Training and Evaluation System can quantitatively assess the balance function of patients and develop personalized training based on the assessment results. Combined with situational training games, it is beneficial to improve the attention and cooperation of patients, increase the interest of training, and ensure the smooth and interesting rehabilitation training.


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